Common Rewards Questions

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015 11:06AM PDT
Party in my dorm crashed while I was watching a video did I still receive my rewards?
Unfortunately, if your app crashes part way through watching a video, we will not be able to confirm that you have watched it and cannot award you with tokens. If videos continue to crash on your device, please let us know.

I am unable to get anymore tokens
You can receive tokens from the free gift that comes every 3 hours and watching a video. It may take some time to collect tokens so check back often to see if either the gift or video is available.

I did not receive my rewards
If you did not receive your reward please try restarting your application.

Why do I always receive cash as a reward?
Cash is the most common reward you can receive, the rest of the rewards have a lesser chance of dropping. This is all based on luck so we hope you’re feeling lucky and good luck on your next spin!

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