Common Video Ad Questions

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015 11:05AM PDT
I don’t see any videos available for me to watch?
Depending on your location, device and provider there may not be any videos for you to watch. Unfortunately we don’t really have control on which providers and regions show videos. It’s up to our partners to decide which areas of the market they want to target.

Why are some people able to watch more videos than I am?
This can be due to a variety of reasons, not everyone receives the same amount of advertisements to watch. The amount of videos that are available for you to watch can be dependent on your location and other factors that are decided by your providers.

I am able to watch videos but all I see is a black screen
This is usually due to a connection issue. The network you are using to connect to Party in my Dorm may not be adequate enough to stream videos. Your signal bar, device model and possibly bug issues factor into your ability to watch a video and how smoothly it plays.

How do I know if I have watched the maximum number of videos?
Unfortunately we don’t have that information for you either. If you have been able to watch videos and now you no longer receive them you may have reached your maximum number of videos for that day. Check back tomorrow and check back often because the number of videos can always vary.

After watching a video I did not receive any tokens?
Sometimes an issue might occur where you do not receive your coins immediately after viewing an ad. When this happens, simply wait 5 minutes, fully close and reopen the app, and you should receive any pending Prize Tokens as well as a newsfeed notice detailing the amount.

Why does my other account show videos available but my other one doesn’t?
Your device that you are using for your account also has a factor to play in determining how many available videos you can watch. It is also possible that you have reached your video viewing limit.

Why am I not receiving ads yet my other account or friend who lives in the same area is able to view more ads?
Again your device you are using can play a factor into what videos are available as well as also the provider. So if your friend is being served more videos than you are it’s probably because one of these reasons.

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