Posting Rules

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015 11:16AM PDT

The following rules are applicable in all public channels such as campus chat, walls, and the forums. Players violating these rules may see action taken against their accounts in the form of a silence or account ban,

- Do not post profanity
- Do not use indecent or inappropriate language or pictographs
- Do not bypass the language filter
- Do not spam the same message, or variations of the same message, 3 or more times in 5 minutes
- Do not use language that promotes discrimination or hatred towards individuals or groups due to ethnicity, nationality, gender, orientation, or disability
- Do not share or ask for the following personal information: Age (iunder 17), City, Address, School, Workplace, Phone Number, Third Party Contact Information
- Do not link to or promote illegal activity
- Do not harass, advocate harassment, or make false accusations of another person or entity
- Do not impersonate the moderators or developers
- Do not impersonate another player in a harmful manner
- Do not advertise 3rd party applications

Contact Support

    Tap the Help button from the top left menu button and you'll be taken to our in-game support portal where you can create support tickets as well as view current and past ones.