What are system wars?

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015 11:05AM PDT

System Wars are created directly by clubs themselves when a clan declares war on another clubs via their club page.

War Details:

- Created when one club requests to declare war against an rival club
- Three possible options of Food Fight (4 Hours), Dorm Raid (12 Hours), or War (24 Hours)
- Rosters can be set to Locked or Unlocked (this determine if a club can recruit more users during a war)
- The challenged club has a limited amount of time to respond to the war request before it expires
- At least 3 Admins (or less if there are less than 3) are required to accept the war for it to begin
- After a war has been accepted players have 1.5 hours to prepare before it begins
- Wars cannot be forfeited until they reach the halfway point, and only by the clan that is currently losing
- The user who requested war, and the admins who accepted are automatically set as active in the war
- Other players must attack or spy on another active member to become active themselves
- Active war members are limited to 6 regenerations per 24 hour period
- Any active player can hit any other active player
- Once you become active, there is no way to opt-out
- 20% of plunder earned during the war will be retained as a War Tax and distributed to the winning clan
- Winnings are distributed based on the contribution each player makes in the war
- If you leave the club while in an active war your contributions are removed from the war

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