What do items do?

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015 10:59AM PDT

There are a number of different items in Party In My Dorm that provide a number of different benefits. These can be broken down into several groups.

Provides percentage stat bonuses to your Dorm and acts as a way to show off your persona. Purchased from the Nurse or earned through events..

Attack Items
Consumable items that strengthen attacks or party actions. You must select these . Purchasable from the store.

Defence Items
Consumable items that protect you from enemy attacks. These are automatically consumed when you are attacked. Purchasable from the store.

Consumed when posting to Campus Chat or making Campus Announcements.

Pizza Bikini / Hypnocat
Items used to activate premium parties which provide increased cash payout. Only a single player in a club needs to use this item in the party.

Doctor’s Notes
Used to instantly regenerate your strength and intelligence instead of waiting for them to regenerate over time.

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